Saturday, March 29, 2008

First and Ten

First and Ten
Jeff Rud
Orca Book Publishers
P.O. Box 468 Custer, WA 98240--0468
978-1-55143-690-6,$7.95, 2007.
Reviewed for Reader View Kids, 03/08.

Sometimes there's more to life than just being a football player. Sometimes we have to tackle more difficult situations than just playing a game with a piece of pigskin.

Matt Hill is excited to be a part of his football team but he has found himself in some sticky situations. Off the field, he has to try and build a relationship with his father who has suddenly appeared after 10 years of being absent in his life. Matt also is trying to be the best friend and teammate to Ricky who is dealing with a father who gives him too much attention but the right kind of attention. Which is worse having a dad who was gone and came back or having a dad who is too aggressive? Should both boys look to Coach Reynolds as a role model when dealing with father issues? He's a man, will that help?

"First and Ten" will certainly score a touchdown for football fans and young readers ages 8-12. We all have to make decisions both on and off the field. Jeff Rud will score many points with young readers who enjoy a good book about one of their favorite sports. This is a very well written story with good lessons in succeeding on and off the field.

I hope Jeff Rud has already kicked off his next book in this series, its one you won't want to miss!

You`re A Brave Man, Daniel

You`re A Brave Man, Daniel
Kay Arthur, Janna Arndt
Harvest House Publishers
Eugene, Oregon
978-0-7369-0147-5, 1995
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids 03/08.

Who is famous for getting thrown into a den of hungry lions but not get eaten? You probably have heard about Daniel in the Bible. If it was you or I that would be thrown into a lions den we would most likely panic and know that we were going to die. But Daniel wasn't worried? Why, because he knew God would help him. God wouldn't let that happen to him unless it was his time to die and go to live with Jesus. This is just one of the tough situations that Daniel found himself in throughout his life.

The name Daniel means "judged by God." Yes, Daniel was judged by God and how did he shape up? Daniel trusted in God through everything. God used him as an example how we should be Christians through everything. What a great role model Daniel was for us. He always trusted in God above all things. We don't have to be worried about our futures because its been planned out by God.

Kay Arthur has created a Bible study for kids in studying the remarkable man Daniel. Sections of Holy Scripture are studied in details. "You're a Brave Man, Daniel" is a very easy to use and fun experience for kids 8-12 to learn more. I could easily see this book being used in a Bible School or Sunday School. There are word searches, puzzles and places to draw pictures throughout the book. You can personalize your experience by studying each page. You are bound to learn more about Daniel. By the time you're done, when you are asked who Daniel was. You will be able to say more than "he's that guy in the den of lions." By studying him, perhaps you will be able to handle being bullied like he was by Nebuchadnezzar and knowing that God is with you to defend you from any bully.

Note from Brianne's mother: For the last few months I have been attending a Bible class on the book of Daniel which Brianne attends with me. Through the use of this book, she has been able to understand more about what is being said in Bible Class. It is my hope that she will be able to use him as an example when faced with difficult situations in her life too.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Janey Junkfood`s Fresh Adventure: Making Good Eating Great Fun!

Janey Junkfood's Fresh Adventure: Making Good Eating Great Fun!
Barbara Storper, MS RD
Food Play Productions
ISBN: 978-0-9642858-5-9, $15.95, 2008.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids

Do you want to eat better? Do you find yourself always wanting junk food even if you know its not good for you? Maybe you just want to get to know more about better food choices. If you do and don't want to read about how to diet or want a book that stresses dieting, you need to pick up "Janey Junkfood's Fresh Adventure."

Janey and her dog Tobi which is pronounced to be are your guides throughout the book. They go through an average day and explain what choices are available to you. Not skipping breakfast is stressed. You might think you will lose weight or be healthier by skipping it but its simply not true. If you skip breakfast you are skipping nutrition that will be used through your whole day. This book is very easy to read and is a fun book without it sounding preachy or too technical for kids to understand.

The pictures by Frances Schneid are awesome! They are bright and colorful. The ones that look like photos in a scrapbook are so funny and just add to the delight of this book. I think kids of all ages will enjoy this book and learn alot about nutrition while having alot of fun. In my opinion, the ideal audience would be kids in grades 2-6 but could definitely prove to be enjoyable for kids outside those ranges. I wish Barbara Storper and Frances E. Schneid combine their talents together for more great books about issues that are important for kids to understand!

One taste of this book and you won't be satisfied till you are done indulging in the pages of the whole book!


Chronicles of Faith: Ruth
Kjersti Hoff Baez
Barbour Publishing
P.O. Box 796 Ulrichsville, OH 44683
ISBN; 978-1-59789-928-4, $7.95, 1990.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids.

Perhaps you have heard of Ruth, she is one of the most famous women in the Bible. But you're a kid and want to read the story in a way you understand. "Chronicles of Faith" take historical figures and tell their story in a kid friendly way. The books read like novels but are very easy to read. This series has been created for kids ages 8-12. With larger print words and illustrated with many pictures, the stories read easily.

The story opens with Ruth holding a baby. She had lost her husband and wondered how she would go on. Her fomer mother-in-law Naomi and sister-in-law Orpah are by her side. Naomi tries to encourage the two widows to return to their homeland and families. She feels that the young women would be better off without her and perhaps will each find other husbands. Orpah listens while Ruth clings to Naomi's side.

With God's guidance, Naomi and Ruth travel to Naomi's homeland. Naomi encourages Ruth to glean in the fields not knowing the fields are owned by a relative who can redeem the land and Ruth could still have the family and prosperity that she desires.

If you wish you could understand more of just what happened in the story of Ruth, you need to pick up this book. Based on Biblical facts, you are sure to learn some things that you may have missed in Sunday School or Bible Class. Its amazing how preservance and God's guiding hand can change the course of what looks like certain disaster.

Homework Helpster Grade 5

Homework Helpster Grade 5
Published by Play Bac Publishing USA
ISBN: 978-1-60214-002-8, $12.95, 2007.
Reviewed by Reader Views Kids.

Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Or maybe you are a 5th grader that is being challenged by some of the concepts in your science, social studies, geography, math or language arts. Would you like to have a book in your house that will be like having your own personal tutor to help you along in 5th grade? Your help is all in one compact volume.

If you find yourself doing your homework and can't remember what an integer is...look it up. Whats the difference between igneous rocks, sedimentary or metamorphic rocks? This is an awesome resource for 5th graders. How do you do that multiplying fractions thing, its all here. Homonyms and Homographs are words that sound something like each other but are totally different things but why? The book comes with a built in stand so you can stand it up and it can accompany you while you are doing your homework. On one side of the pages are the subjects of social studies and math, just flip it over and you can research science and language arts.

My mother and I were both very excited when we found this book. She instantly thought this would be a great help to me. My mom sure was right! I really stink at math and with this handy book I am able to grasp difficult concepts more quickly. You don't have to just be looking for help to find something you can learn out of this. I think my mom has learned more things about these subjects just by having this book in the house maybe its just that she has forgotten some of these facts since she was in 5th grade. This is a must have resource for any kid who wants to succeed in 5th grade. You too can be smarter than all the other 5th graders!