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The Azura Stones

Title: The Azura Stones
Author: Helen D.Bailie
Publisher: Bedside Books
P.O. Box 65624
Salt Lake City, UT
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids, 11/07

Have you ever had a really exciting and scary experience all at the same time? Hayley is having the strangest school vacation than she ever has before. Her grandpa left a map showing the location of some very special stones. The Azura stones were very special for many reasons. It is exciting for Hayley and her friends to follow the map, but the fact that they are being followed is very scary. There are many twists and turns in the pursuit of these stones. You never know where the next danger lurks. Just what makes these stones so valuable and so wanted by so many people? What power will you get when you get these?

"The Azura Stones" is a fantastic book for kids who love a suspense or mystery story. It keeps you on the edge of your seat. You won't want to wait to the end to see what will happen. Yet when the book is over, you're sad that the book is over because its just so good. Helen D Bailie is a new author. She is very talented. I hope she writes more stories like this one. I think its target market is kids ages 11-14. Its a fantastic read!

Nate the Skate In Search of His Mate

Nate the Skate In Search of His Mate
Judy Jewel
Dunamis Development
3972 Barranca Pky Suite J-115, Irvine, CA 92606
ISBN: 0-9767066-0-1, $19.95, 2005.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids, 11/2007.

Have you ever lost a toy which you really loved? That is what Nate felt like. He was mad because he lost his mate. What good is it to be alone especially if you are a roller skate or a shoe? What kind of a future would you have, you would probably be facing going out in the trash and becoming a resident of the land fill.

Nate was a special skate. He was made by Joey's grandpa with a very special sole which was very giving and friendly. Nate looks for help among the other shoes, but most of them aren't very friendly some are even snobby. Nate searched high and low for his mate. But he and the other discards are feeling very low and useless. Through the text of the story you begin cheering for Nate that he will find his mate. There are cool places where Nate ends up searching like Recycle City and Mentry Shoes.

The pages in this book are glossy and very expressive. The expressions on the faces of the other shoes or characters really add to the delight of this book. Even the garbage can and fire hydrant have facial expressions. I think this is a fantastic book for kids who ever have felt like they are useless and have ever lost a shoe or a toy. If you like a good story about a little guy coming out on top, you will love it. "Nate the Skate" is a great book with alot of soul, humor and rock and roll!

Growing Up Grizzly

Title Growing Up Grizzly
Author: Amy Shapira
Published by Falcon, an imprint of The Globe Pequot Press, 2007.
ISBN: 978-0-7627-4149-6

Imagine having to make your way through life without your mom and dad! Its not a very happy thought, is it? Well, imagine you're a grizzly bear and forced to find your own way. He is not yet old enough to live on his own but not a baby anymore either. He's in between ages. Its a pretty lonely time for young Emmett. He lives up in Alaska, where the temperatures range greatly. He travels to a cove where he is watched by visitors but no one knows just who he is or where he came from. He didn't have a name until the visitors started watching him.

There is a family of 4 bears living in the same area. Baylee is the mama bear with her cubs named Eleanor, Misha and James. Emmett likes to watch the family of bears, if only he could be a part of their family. The bear family seems to be having such fun. Baylee doesn't like Emmett being around and growls to get rid of him. Emmett was determined to make this family his. He makes friends with the little cubs and wins the mom over. Now he feels like a member of a family. We all need a little help sometimes and Emmett gets the help he needs from Baylee and her family.

"Growing Up Grizzly" is based on a true story of grizzly bears up in Southeastern Alaska. The pictures are actual pictures of bears in their habitats and doing what comes naturally to them. I especially liked the picture of the bear looking through a window of a cabin and seeing his reflection. He needed a friend. All the pictures are awesome! The book would be a delight for bear lovers, Alaska lovers and any others who would like a nice adoption story.
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The Biggest and Brightest Light

Title: The Biggest and Brightest Light
Author: Marilyn Perlyn
Published by Robert D Reed Publishers, 2004.
ISBN: 1-931741-30-1
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So many times kids think that they are too little to be important. "The Biggest and Brightest Light: A True Story of the Heart" deals with this same topic. Amanda is afraid that since the new teacher who has doctor in her name will give her a shot. Dr Malko is a doctor of education but she does deal with a medical crisis. Amanda is just 6 years old but she makes an impact on her teacher Dr Malko that will last both of them a lifetime.

Amanda sees a need in her teacher's life and does something to help her. Dr Malko's daughter Elena is very sick. Amanda comes up with an idea of how she can raise money to help Elena and her family with all of the medical expenses. Its heartwarming to see the love this girl has for her teacher. Amanda is excited to get to meet the young Elena. Amanda has a big heart and it shows even more when she goes to work making cookies for the nurses in Elena's hospital. She enters a contest and wonders if she could win. Dr Malko is very encouraging for Amanda.

Some teachers make a big impact on their students! This story shows that students can make a difference in the lives of the teachers as well. I have been encouraged and showed love by a couple of teachers in my life and I wish I could be like young Amanda who brightens her teacher's days. I am a few years older than the young heroine in this story, but I loved the story. The pictures by Amanda Perlyn bring the story to life. Its a feel good story even though there are some sad parts in it. The fact that this is a true story makes me enjoy it all the more.

Hattie Big Sky

Title:Hattie Big Sky
Author:Kirby Larson

Hattie has been nicknamed Hattie Here and There for a very good reason. Since her parents died when she was a little girl, she has been shifted from one relative to another. She is living with Uncle Holt when she learns that she has inherited 320 acres of Montana land from her Uncle Chester Wright. She has always wanted a place that she could call home. So she decides to stake her claim to the land. Karl and Perilee Mueller offer to help her anyway they can. They become neighbors but more importantly very good friends to her.
Hattie has inherited more than just land as she finds out when she moves to Vida, Montana. It seems that Chester left her , his chess buddy Rooster Jim, his cow Violet, Plug the horse, debts and land that has not been plowed ever. Hattie is at the young age of 16 when she comes there. There is a neighbor Traft Martin who wants nothing more than Hattie to fail so he can claim her property. He even tries some underhanded tricks to try and discourage her from achieving her goal.
The story is set in the time period of the World War I. This book is an excellent book of historical fiction. It talks of the trials of homesteaders, War Bonds and requirements of younger men heading off to fight a war against the Germans. The characters in this book are very interesting and its a learning experience each step of the way. Hattie has a childhood chum named Charlie who she writes to throughout the book and tells him of all her experiences. This is a terrific book for ages 9-12 who have an interest in adventure, history and homesteading. I loved this book and I'm sure you would too. Come visit Vida, Montana during this important time in American history!

Me and the Pumpkin Queen

Title: Me and the Pumpkin Queen by Marlane Edwards
Publshed by Harper Collins, 2007.

Have you ever thought you could be the big prizewinner? Are you a gardener who dreams of growing the biggest vegetable? Mildred is an eleven year old girl who has dreams of entering a pumpkin in the Circleville, Ohio Pumpkin Show.
Mildred is a girl who is trying to come to terms with her mother's death two years ago. She lives with her Dad, who is a veterinarian. His sister, Arlene, tries to raise Mildred the way she thinks girls should be. However, instead of wanting fancy girly clothes and jewelry, Mildred would rather be a dress down type of girl. Her best friend is a boy named Jacob.
Mildred takes pumpkin growing to a new level when she plants special seeds. Her hero is Howard Dill who developed the Atlantic Giant pumpkin seeds. Mildred gives up alot of fun activities in order to nurture her young seedlings. As she weathers many storms you find yourself rooting for her and hoping that she achieves her goal. Its not just the $2000 prize and trophy that motivate Mildred. Her mother would have loved to grow an award winning pumpkin that is taller than she is and weighs more than 1000 pounds.
I loved this book because I like pumpkins! I can relate with Mildred as we both have best friends that are boys. I'm not a real dressy girl and sometimes find it hard to fit in with my girl classmates like she does. This is an awesome book for gardeners, pumpkin lovers and eaters, and anyone who has ever had a dream. This is an excellent book for ages 8-12. Delight in some pumpkin today and pick up "Me and the Pumpkin Queen." Its delicious reading!

TJ and the Sports Fanatic

Title: TJ and the Sports Fanatic
Author: Hazel Hutchins
Published by Orca Book Publishers, 2006.
ISBN: 1-55143-461-x
Reviewed for, 6/07.
Do you have a friend that is always trying to get you to do things that maybe you wouldn't want to even try to do? Well, TJ Barnes has this problem. TJ has no athletic abilities but his best friend Seymour does. However, Seymour won't try out for a team unless TJ does with him.
What are the right reasons for trying out for a football team? Is it that small chance that you might be good at it and can make lots of money. Or is it to be among the popular kids in school? Football teaches responsibility, teamwork and leadership skills. Whatever the reasons, TJ doesn't want to do it. But being a good friend to Seymour, he tries.
TJ is more concerned with something greater than football. He helps out at his family's hardware store which has fallen on hard times. Perhaps the store will have to go in a different direction than what has always worked before. TJ doesn't understand all the X and O marks when the coach tries to explain the different plays. He doesn't understand all the penalties. But at least he's not like Seymour, who scores the first points of his football career against his own team.
Teamwork takes on new meaning in this book. "TJ and the Sports Fanatic" is an excellent book for football lovers and other sports fans. It keeps your interest in both TJ's first attempt at playing football and being a valuable member of another team...his family. This is a good book for ages 8-12. With football season right around the corner, get prepared for the season by reading this one!

Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle

Title: Landon Snow and the Auctor's Riddle
Author: R.K. Mortenson
Published by Barbour Publishing, 2005.
ISBN: 1-59310-881-8.

Move Over, Harry Potter! Landon Snow is on the scene. His family's trip to help celebrate his Grandpa Karl's birthday in Button Up, Minnesota is unlike any trip to Grandpa's house before. Before the celebrating can start, Grandpa has an accident. This brings our young hero to reflect on whether life itself is an accident.

Grandpa's house is one mystery waiting to be discovered. There are pages in an ancient Bible which mysteriously turn. But wait, there is also a secret passageway. Landon is looking for adventure, well, adventure is right around the corner. Armed with the ancient Bible and "Book of Meanings" Landon ventures into Wonderwood. Creatures called Odds and puzzles abound in this fantasy land. Landon meets up with Melech, who is a very strange horse named Melech. There is a riddle to be solved, will Landon be able to solve it? And more importantly will his family believe him when he tells them that there is a fantasy land just beyond the secret passageway.

This is the first book in a wonderful series written especially for children ages 9-12 who enjoy a magical adventure. This is a wonderful story and I can't wait to read the rest of the books in this series. Biblical truths are presented in this book without being too overbearing. The references are gently presented. I love this book and wish more authors would write books like this one!

Landon Snow and the Volucer Dragon

Title: Landon Snow and the Volucer Dragon
Author: R.K. Mortenson
Published by Barbour Publishing, 2007.
ISBN: 978-1-59789-296-4.

Landon Snow is off on another adventure. This time his sisters Holly and Bridget are coming along. Only it is not just three of them off on this adventure there is also another boy called Max along to Wonderwood. The Arcans and forest shadows were tough enough to deal with but this time its much worse. There is a dragon called Volucer Ignis. This is one tough character to deal with, he has a fiery wrath. Where will the Snows get the help they need to break free from this dragon? Will the mysterious boy named Max be an important factor in this adventure?

Like the other 3 books in this wonderful series by R.K. Mortenson, be ready for a terrific adventure with his faith and courage being tested through this adventure. Be careful of the Volucer Dragon as he seeks to destroy everyone in his path.

Landon Snow and the Shadows of Malus Quidam

Title: Landon Snow and the Shadows of Malus Quidam
Author: R.K. Mortenson
Published by Barbour Publishing, 2006.
ISBN: 1-59789-044-8.

Landon is just making up that story of visiting another land isn't he? Holly is Landon's younger sister who doesn't believe that Landon ever visited another land last year. Holly is definitely convinced after she visis Wonderwood with him. But this time Holly has been kidnapped by wolf-like creatures. Landon will need to enlist the help of his friends that were introduced in the first book of this series to find Holly. Landon will need lots of courage to rescue his sister from the shadows of darkness and Malus Quidam's power. It will take all of Landon's faith - to finally defeat Ludo and the evil forces that hold him and many of the others captive in Wonderwood.

The characters in this story are like normal people as we all have weaknesses. But the fact that they have weaknesses just makes them more like the intended audience of this series. I particularly like that he is able to put his faith into practice.

The story is very engaging and had me gripped from the beginning to the end. R.K. Mortenson has done it again with the second book in this Landon Snow series. I'm glad that he takes Biblical truth and creates a fantasy story around specific Bible verses. I will definitely enjoy reading all the books in this series.

Just for Kids Cookbook

Just for Kids Cookbook
Brittany and Erica Sindeldecker
Barbour Publishing
PO Box 719 Uhlrichsville, OH 44683
ISBN: 978-1-59789-802-7, $5.95, 2005.
Reviewed by Brianne Plach for Reader Views, 10/07.

Do you like to cook and bake at Christmas? I always enjoy cooking and baking with my mother at Christmas. But sometimes those cookbooks have directions that make it so much harder. If only, the recipes were easier for us kids to follow. Brittany and Erica Sindeldecker have done it. They have created a Christmas cookbook just for us kids.

After reading these recipes, I am more anxious to try cooking and baking some of these great recipes. There is everything from appetizers, beverages, main dishes, side dishes, cookies, candies and desserts included. As each section is introduced, another tidbit about Christmas and its many Scripture verses like the story of Christ's birth are included.

Hopefully around Christmastime, a whole meal will be planned and prepared by a kid thanks to Brittany and Erica's help. Hopefully the meal will be topped off with peanut butter and jelly cookies or another one of these taste tempting treats! Happy Cooking and Baking, all you children!

Once Upon A Blue Moon

Once Upon A Blue Moon
S.E. Blakeslee
Blaumond Press
740 SE Greenville Blvd Suite 400, Greenville, NC 27858
ISBN: 978-0-9789031-0-7, $17.95, 2006
Reviewed by Brianne Plach for Reader Views 10/07.

Is the moon really full of cheese? What color is the moon? Well, the moon isn't blue. A young boy is looking out of his window at the moon so far up in the sky. He makes a wish for his friend to get better from her illness. An imaginary spirit, Mr Moon, enters his room and turns his ordinary night into something truly spectacular.

"Once Upon A Blue Moon" is a book all set in blue hues. The pictures add to the delight in this story about a boy and his wish. This book teaches about love, friendship, hopes, dreams and wishes. This story could easily be new night-time tradition. Children will be entertained but also learn some valuable lessons along the way.

Sometimes we just like to wish for fun. But be careful what you wish for as it might just come true.

Kendra Kandlestar and the Door to Unger

Kendra Kandlestar and the Door to Unger
Lee Edward Fodi
Brown Books Publishing Group
16200 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 170, Dallas, TX 75248
ISBN: 9781-933285083-2, $16.95, 2007.
Reviewed by Brianne Plach for Reader Views Kids, 11/07.

Do you think going to a fantasy world with fauns and dwarves would be fun? You know like Lucy did in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." This is not a trip to Narnia, but instead a trip to a different fantasy world. Its not Lucy that is visiting this strange land but the main girl character is named Kendra Kandlestar.

She is drawn into this mysterious land when she receives a cryptic message. The meaning of the message makes her so curious. She goes to Unger to discover the answer to a question that she has been wondering about her whole life. There is a secret about her family, will going through the door of Unger bring her the answer she wants. Or is she better off staying on one side of the door? But if she doesn't go through the door, she wouldn't get to meet a bunch of interesting characters and the book wouldn't be nearly as exciting.

Around every corner, it seems like Kendra is meeting someone different. The characters are interesting but also sometimes very funny. Alot of kids need to have something funny happening in books to keep them reading, this book has funny things happening every few pages. "Kendra Kandlestar and the Door to Unger" is a sure fire hit to attract young readers. This is a second book in a series, but there is no reason why you wouldn't be able to read this one first and then the other one. The door to Unger opens when you open the pages of this book. You will certainly have a trip you won't soon forget!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Secret Cave

Title: The Secret Cave
Author Lisa Marie Lanno
Published by I Universe, 2006.
ISBN: 978-0-595-40585-5.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids, 9/07.

Joe and Ronnie are about to have a summer vacation unlike any other. They are 13 years old cousins and are looking for fun on the lake and hiking on the many trails. They have a couple of what they would call "pesky" sisters both older and younger. One day when they are investigating a trail, they make a strange discovery. There are giant rocks forming the shape of a skull. There is a hidden scroll that leads to more clues.

Of course, being adventuresome young boys they find themselves trying to discover what else lurks in these wooded trails. Day after day, they are getting closer to the solving of the mystery of this place. They don't want their parents to uncover what they have been doing so the older sisters also play a part in the adventure. Will they make it before vacation's end?

From page to page, you will find yourself wanting to not lay down "The Secret Cave" until it is finished. Lisa Maria Lanno is an awesome story teller. Each chapter builds on the last and you to try to try to figure out the mystery on your own. Its almost as if you are right there by Ronnie and Joe. Each chapter ends with a set of questions making you think and draw your own conclusions. "The Secret Cave" is a must have for kids who enjoy a great mystery. Its a novel which appeals to kids like because it is kids who are the main characters. I simply loved "The Secret Cave: and hope that Lisa Marie Lanno continues to write more books like one!

No One Is Perfect and You are a Great Kid

Title: No One is Perfect and You are a Great Kid
Author: Kim Hix
Published by Book Surge, LLC., 2006.
ISBN: 1-4196-3148-9.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids, 10/07.

Are you sometimes struggling with your feelings about yourself? Sometimes you just feel so different from everyone else. Perhaps you are singled out as being odd and no one wants to be around you. Sometimes you get so angry that you wonder how anyone can stand to be around you much less love you. Zack is a ten year old boy who has an anger problem but has someone who loves him and keeps reassuring him that he is a great kid.

Kim Hix has written a book about her son Zack. He deals with his feelings differently than most kids. Her motivation for writing this book is so that other kids that struggle with their anger can see that they are not alone. She shows her love to her son through the pages in this book. It is easy to see that she does indeed love her son Zack even though he is sometimes a challenge to deal with. Kim is a very talented writer and her books shows much love and feeling for her son who is "a great kid." This is her first book and I hope that she writes more books for kids.

The illustrations in this book add to the storyline of the book. The pictures show so many different emotions. Lee Dillingham uses her art education to bring the text to life . I'm sure kids will be able to see themselves through the pages of this book. Of course, we all have bad days after all no one is perfect but we are all great kids.


Roni Schotter
Little Brown & Company
New York
ISBN: 0-316-77623-8, $6.99, 1990.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids 10/07.

Are you looking for a small picture book which describes Hanukkah? If you are, Roni Schotter has created just the one for you. Inside the front cover is a description of four specific things associated with Hanukkah. The pictures throughout the book show you just how the traditions of Hanukkah are celebrated. There are little ones who small kids will be able to relate to celebrating the holiday including being tempted to steal food before mealtime.

With thick pages, this is a terrific book for the youngest reader.Lots of families celebrating together are a big part of this book. Isn't that what this special time of year is great for, celebrating with friends and families getting together? I love this book!

Cha Cha and Zee Explore San Antonio

Cha Cha and Zee Explore San Antonio
Indigo Tyler
Austin Texas
ISBN: 978-0-9765100-3-1, $16.95, 2007.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids, 10/07.

Would you like visit the Alamo with the two of the most adorable tour guides? Cha Cha and Zee are two sight seeing penguins who travel from their home in Washington DC to the historic city of San Antonio. They are going on this trip to visit their cousin Frobby. Frobby speaks Spanish which is very practical since San Antonio is so close to Mexico.

Some of the places that they visit are River Walk, the Alamo, Tower of the Americas, go on a river cruise and the little village known as La Villita. The pictures are coloful and beautiful with the penguins being implanted onto them.

Just by reading this book, I would definitely want to visit San Antonio. This is would be a great book for anyone who has been or will be going to San Antonio. I hope that Cha Cha and Zee go on many more adventure trips and Indigo Tyler writes many more books like this one.

The Night Before Christmas

Title:The Night Before Christmas
Author:Clement Clarke Moore
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
New York
ISBN:0-316-83271-5,$6.99, 1999.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids 10/07.

Have you ever heard of the hoofs of 8 reindeer on your roof the night before Christmas? What a sight that would be of a jolly old man in a sleigh filled with toys for all the good little girls and boys.

You have probably heard the "Twas the Night Before Christmas" story. Maybe you even heard it while you were cozy in your bed. With watercolor illustrations Clement Clarke Moore's text comes to life in a most beautiful way. All the Christmas joy and wonder come to life through the pages of this book. "The Night Before Christmas" would make a wonderful addition to every family's celebration of the holiday.

Ziz and the Hanukkah Miracle

The Ziz and the Hanukkah Miracle
Jacqueline Jules
Kar-Ben Publishing
241 First Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401
ISBN: 1-58013-164-6, $7.95, 2006.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids, 10/07.

Do you get tired of the long nights during the last months of the year? It seems like the nights are so long. Its so depressing when there is so much darkness and very little light. Its not just the humans who miss the light.

Ziz is a big yellow bird with purple feathers sticking out of his head in all directions and big green eyes. Its not just his appearance that are funny, but his attempts at solving his problem are too. He can't even see to make his own dinner. Rather than asking God to help first, he tries to come up with a solution. His ideas of fireflies and lantern fish have funny results.

God gives him an idea but he doesn't like it. Sometimes sharing with others isn't the easiest thing to do in the world. Through the help of some unlikely small friends, a solution to the light problem is found. By sharing his problem is solved and so is some one elses. "The Ziz and the Hanukkah Miracle" is a very good book for children ages 4-8. It highlights the menorrah which is a big part of the Hanukkah holiday. I really thought Ziz was hilarious and I know other kids will too.

The Legend of the Candy Cane

The Legend of the Candy Cane
Lori Walburg
Grand Rapids, MI
ISBN 978-0-310-21247-8, $15.99, 1997.
Reviewed for Reader Views, 11/07.

There is excitement in the air! A new store will be opening! The anticipation is almost too much for young Lucy. Everyone thinks they know what type of store it will be. Lucy is a very curious girl. She has been watching the store be created by its new owner. She is very excited when she gets asked if she would like to help him. What does that strange word "Confections" mean when it is stamped on the outside of a wooden crate.

John Sonnemann is a candy man. He has decided to open his candy store on a very special night, Christmas Eve. John does more than just sell candy, he explains the story of why candy canes are being made and a symbol of Christmas. They have a definite reason why a cane is shaped like a J.

With very beautiful pictures, this sweet and heartwarming story unfolds. Every candy cane you see during the season of Christmas should remind you of Jesus Christ's reason for coming to Earth. Remember Jesus when it comes to Christmas, He truly is the reason for the season.

Personal Best

Personal Best
Sylvia Gunnery
James Lorimer & Company, Ltd. Publishers
317 Adelaide Street West, Suite 1002, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1P9
ISBN: 978-1-55028-896-4, $8.95, 2005.
Reviewed for Reader Views, 11/2007.

What could be more exciting than to be a part of a basketball camp with a bunch of other boys who love the same sport? This is a bright spot too, since Jay and his family are forced to live with his grandfather since his family lost their house in a fire. Jay is all excited to be a part of the Acadia University Basketball Camp in Nova Scotia. He gets to stay in an actual college dorm and be away from home for a whole week. What makes it even better is the fact that his best friend Mike is going to the same camp.

What starts out as being probably the most thrilling thing that has ever happened in Jay's life takes a horrible turn. Mike's older brother, Chad, who is supposed to be the boy's coach and mentor is not at all what a mentor should be. It will take some work on the part of the boys to make it through a tough week. Sometimes appearances can be deceiving. Chad used to seem like such a great guy. It takes the boys to make a difference in Chad's life.

"Personal Best" is an exciting continuation of the story which was first introduced in Sylvia Gunnery's book "Out of Bounds." I am anxiously awaiting to see if Ms Gunnery decides to continue Jay's story in another book.

Angel In A Bubble

Angel In A Bubble
Melisa Eyuboglu
Guardian Angel Publishing
12430 Tesson Ferry Road #186 St Louis, MO 63128 USA
ISBN: 978-1-933090-48-1, 2007.
Reviewed for Reader Views, 11/07.

Alison has made a very special friend. She has gotten the chance to meet her own personal angel. Her dog Amigo has also gotten to meet his. Alison's mother doesn't believe that Alison has ever met her angel, until she meets her herself. Her angel has a problem and only Alison can fix it.

She must meet the creator of the angel and request something very special. Her angel is in a bubble and there is only one way to correct that. She, Amigo and 2 other friends travel up a high mountain to get closer to God. They also have to climb upon a rainbow.

Melisa Eyuboglu has written and illustrated a beautiful book for kids. This book makes children use their imagination and wonder what they would ask God for if they ever got to meet him face to face. The illustrations are pencil-like drawings with watercolors. Without the fancy drawings in some books, these will have children really understand the story.
I hope Melisa writes more books about the adventures of her and Amigo.