Monday, November 5, 2007

The Biggest and Brightest Light

Title: The Biggest and Brightest Light
Author: Marilyn Perlyn
Published by Robert D Reed Publishers, 2004.
ISBN: 1-931741-30-1
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So many times kids think that they are too little to be important. "The Biggest and Brightest Light: A True Story of the Heart" deals with this same topic. Amanda is afraid that since the new teacher who has doctor in her name will give her a shot. Dr Malko is a doctor of education but she does deal with a medical crisis. Amanda is just 6 years old but she makes an impact on her teacher Dr Malko that will last both of them a lifetime.

Amanda sees a need in her teacher's life and does something to help her. Dr Malko's daughter Elena is very sick. Amanda comes up with an idea of how she can raise money to help Elena and her family with all of the medical expenses. Its heartwarming to see the love this girl has for her teacher. Amanda is excited to get to meet the young Elena. Amanda has a big heart and it shows even more when she goes to work making cookies for the nurses in Elena's hospital. She enters a contest and wonders if she could win. Dr Malko is very encouraging for Amanda.

Some teachers make a big impact on their students! This story shows that students can make a difference in the lives of the teachers as well. I have been encouraged and showed love by a couple of teachers in my life and I wish I could be like young Amanda who brightens her teacher's days. I am a few years older than the young heroine in this story, but I loved the story. The pictures by Amanda Perlyn bring the story to life. Its a feel good story even though there are some sad parts in it. The fact that this is a true story makes me enjoy it all the more.