Sunday, November 4, 2007

Angel In A Bubble

Angel In A Bubble
Melisa Eyuboglu
Guardian Angel Publishing
12430 Tesson Ferry Road #186 St Louis, MO 63128 USA
ISBN: 978-1-933090-48-1, 2007.
Reviewed for Reader Views, 11/07.

Alison has made a very special friend. She has gotten the chance to meet her own personal angel. Her dog Amigo has also gotten to meet his. Alison's mother doesn't believe that Alison has ever met her angel, until she meets her herself. Her angel has a problem and only Alison can fix it.

She must meet the creator of the angel and request something very special. Her angel is in a bubble and there is only one way to correct that. She, Amigo and 2 other friends travel up a high mountain to get closer to God. They also have to climb upon a rainbow.

Melisa Eyuboglu has written and illustrated a beautiful book for kids. This book makes children use their imagination and wonder what they would ask God for if they ever got to meet him face to face. The illustrations are pencil-like drawings with watercolors. Without the fancy drawings in some books, these will have children really understand the story.
I hope Melisa writes more books about the adventures of her and Amigo.