Monday, November 5, 2007

Nate the Skate In Search of His Mate

Nate the Skate In Search of His Mate
Judy Jewel
Dunamis Development
3972 Barranca Pky Suite J-115, Irvine, CA 92606
ISBN: 0-9767066-0-1, $19.95, 2005.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids, 11/2007.

Have you ever lost a toy which you really loved? That is what Nate felt like. He was mad because he lost his mate. What good is it to be alone especially if you are a roller skate or a shoe? What kind of a future would you have, you would probably be facing going out in the trash and becoming a resident of the land fill.

Nate was a special skate. He was made by Joey's grandpa with a very special sole which was very giving and friendly. Nate looks for help among the other shoes, but most of them aren't very friendly some are even snobby. Nate searched high and low for his mate. But he and the other discards are feeling very low and useless. Through the text of the story you begin cheering for Nate that he will find his mate. There are cool places where Nate ends up searching like Recycle City and Mentry Shoes.

The pages in this book are glossy and very expressive. The expressions on the faces of the other shoes or characters really add to the delight of this book. Even the garbage can and fire hydrant have facial expressions. I think this is a fantastic book for kids who ever have felt like they are useless and have ever lost a shoe or a toy. If you like a good story about a little guy coming out on top, you will love it. "Nate the Skate" is a great book with alot of soul, humor and rock and roll!