Sunday, August 26, 2007

No One is Perfect

Title: No One is Perfect and You are a Great Kid
Author: Kim Hix
Published by Book Surge, LLC., 2006.
ISBN: 1-4196-3148-9.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids 8/07.

Are you sometimes struggling with your feelings about yourself? Sometimes you just feel so different from everyone else. Perhaps you are singled out as being odd and no one wants to be around you. Sometimes you get so angry that you wonder how anyone can stand to be around you much less love you. Zack is a ten year old boy who has an anger problem but has someone who loves him and keeps reassuring him that he is a great kid.

Kim Hix has written a book about her son Zack. He deals with his feelings differently than most kids. Her motivation for writing this book is so that other kids that struggle with their anger can see that they are not alone. She shows her love to her son through the pages in this book. It is easy to see that she does indeed love her son Zack even though he is sometimes a challenge to deal with. Kim is a very talented writer and her books shows much love and feeling for her son who is "a great kid." This is her first book and I hope that she writes more books for kids.

The illustrations in this book add to the storyline of the book. The pictures show so many different emotions. Lee Dillingham uses her art education to bring the text to life . I'm sure kids will be able to see themselves through the pages of this book. Of course, we all have bad days after all no one is perfect but we are all great kids.