Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Yoga Adventure for Children

Title: The Yoga Adventure for Children
Author: Helen Purpehart
Published by Hunter House, 2007.
ISBN: 0-89793-470-9.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids

Have you ever practiced yoga? Yoga has been around for many years. Many grownups have practiced yoga to calm their emotions and physical strength. Helen Purpehart has created a book which focuses on children doing yoga as a way to gain self-confidence, coordination and flexibility.

"The Yoga Adventure" is a valuable resource. There are many pages of yoga exercises for kids to try. Each exercise is illustrated with step by step instructions. There are many child-friendly stories included to help the older children with the concepts presented. Kids of all ages will enjoy the many yoga exercises in this book. Teachers may even use this as a manual to assist them in introducing yoga to their classrooms.

I found many of these exercises to relax me. I tend to get nervous when taking tests. Maybe I will be able to use some of the techiniques presented in this book to calm me down and receive a better grade. There are so many games in this book both for small groups and larger ones. There are also many stretching exercises which can help me become more flexible before competing as part of a sports team at school.