Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Adventures of Oliver the Clownfish

Title: The Adventures of Oliver the Clownfish
Author: Stephanie Guzman
Published by Not So Plain Jane Publishing, 2006.
ISBN 978-1-596664-0009.
Reviewed for Reader Views Kids,

Everyone else is invited, why not me? Maybe you've been asked "Are you going to the party?" You haven't even heard about any party. Why did everyone else get asked but not me. What's wrong with me? It just seems like no one likes me.

Oliver is a clownfish with a problem. He cannot understand why he didn't get invited to Sally's party. He thought they were good friends. Oliver asks all his other school friends why Sally didn't invite him. Surely there is a good explanation. An explanation is just what Oliver is seeking.

I loved this book! The illustrations are so cute. The many different kinds of fish are so adorable and so colorful. I think this book will help little children discover that maybe they didn't get the invitation when others did. But isn't not really a reflection of them. I would love to read another book about the adventures of Oliver the Clown Fish. I hope Stephanie Guzman writes more books about Oliver's Adventures and the trials that are facing children today.