Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Annie: The Mysterious Morgan Horse

Annie: The Mysterious Morgan Horse" is an absolutely fabulous book! This book combines a beautiful relationship between Heather Richardson and a horse that Chauncy owns. If only Chauncy would let her enter in Morgan horse classes. Heather just knows that Annie is a true Morgan, but is she? But the mystery is just starting when she discovers that Chauncy never got the registration papers. Is Annie her actual name? Heather and her fellow riders share genuine friendship throughout the book. They help each other whenever they can even when their is a mysterious identity to discover. Will Annie be able to stay with those who really love her?

Ellen F Feld has a thorough knowledge of horses and pleasure riding. When Karen's horse Rerun has a suspicious spot on her back, special treatment is sought from Dr Kent. Karen's love and concern for her horse is heartwarming.

I simply loved this book! I hope Ellen F Feld writes many more books in this series. Horses and young girls seem to have a great bond. Even if this book is written for young readers, I know that it could be enjoyed by horse lovers of all ages. If you want to saddle up with a great book, you would definitely enjoy "Annie: The Mysterious Morgan Horse."

Reviewed for Readerviewkids.com