Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Penderwicks

Have you ever gone on vacation to a different place and am not sure if you will like it? Summer vacations are supposed to be fun, right? What if there are some people who scare you with their harshness. If you have, you can relate with the Penderwick sisters. Their father, Mr Penderwick is a widower who is a botanist and has had to make a change in plans right before vacation. The home which he had always rented on Cape Cod has been sold. He rents a place with the name Arundel. The journey to the cottage begins on a wrong track, they get lost on their way.

Mr Penderwick, his daughters and Hound eventually find the place where they will spend the next three weeks. Rosalind is the oldest of the Penderwick girls at age 12 who experiences her first crush, and next is Skye who is 11. Jane is 10 and is quite an author and is trying to write a new novel this summer and little Elizabeth whose nickname is Batty is 4 and has a fascination with little wings. Little do they know when they move into the cottage that their summer vacation is going to be adventure filled and they will meet some very unique individuals along the way.

Mrs Brenda Tipton is the owner of Arundel and she lives onsite with her son Jeffrey. A frequent visitor to the estate is Dexter Dupree is has been dating Brenda. He is none too happy about her son being around much less her renting the cottage out to the Penderwicks. He labels them as troublemakers and tries everything he can to make the boy out to be what he wants him to be. He tends to think that Jeffrey belongs in a military school. Brenda doesn't take the time to listen to her son's needs or plans for the future. . He and the Penderwicks become fast friends and find themselves in much mischief together.

The hired help at the estate add to the delight of this summer story. Cagney is the hired gardener and is gaining a wealth of knowledge in botany from Mr Penderwick. He has two pet rabbits who can be quite mischievous on their own. Rosalind clearly is experiencing her first crush on Cagney. Churchie is a loveable old woman who serves as cook for Brenda and Jeffrey.

Will Jeffrey finally have his opportunity to get his mother to listen to what he wants for his life? How will Mr Penderwick be able to handle all of his girls and their unique personalities. This will definitely be a summer they will never forget!

"The Penderwicks" is an excellent book for children ages 8-12. It is very easy to see why it is a National Book Award Winner! From cover to cover, the story will keep you entertained. It has mischief, mystery, summer love and the challenges of girls who are growing up all in the story. This is a must read for all girls who enjoy a great story and treasure their summer vacations!