Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Chicken Dance

Title: The Chicken Dance
Author: Jacques Couvillon
Published by Bloomsbury 07
Review written by my mom

How do you go from being an unknown in Horse Island to becoming famous? Its simple, win a chicken judging contest. The minimum age for entering the contest has been lowered to 11 this year. Don Schmidt sees this as his opportunity to become more known and make a difference in his normal ho-hum life. He rents all different kinds of books from the library and becomes a chicken "expert."

The chicken judging contest is only the beginning of the many changes in Don Schmidt's life. He lives with his Mother and Father, they don't want him to ever call them Mom and Dad. They are an unusual family who always eat TV dinners. Mother even surprises Father and Don when having a dinner party, but it is quite a hassle getting all the potatoes out of those foil trays. Don is caught looking at some papers in his parents room, and finds out that his real name is Stanley. Mother and Father are always talking about his sister Dawn who disappeared around the time that Don was born. Don is always living in her shadow. No mention of whether she is dead or was kidnapped intrigues Don so he decides to go search for her.

Don does such a great job at judging chickens that he is chosen to attend the regional chicken judging event in Baton Rouge. He learns from a dancer that Dawn has been seen dancing at a club in the same town. He enlists the help of one of his friends and the boys set out on the streets and find her. Its one discovery after another while on the trail of Dawn.

This is a very exciting book with its many twists and turns. There is a certain amount of mystery involved as well as an intriguing storyline with often times very humorous portions.
This is a must read for those tweens who enjoy a story where an ordinary boy makes himself known and sets his boring life on a more exciting track. This book would definitely be enjoyed by girls as well as boys. There will be portions where you will be cackling with laughter. You will never do 'the chicken dance" the same way again.