Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mrs Piggle Wiggle!

Do you love birthday parties? If you do, there is a very special birthday party this year for one very special lady. You are invited to help celebrate Mrs Piggle Wiggle's birthday. If you have never heard of Mrs Piggle Wiggle, you are missing alot. She is the problem solver of years ago, she came long before Nanny Jo Frost. She is much beloved to children from different generations.

"Happy Birthday, Mrs Piggle-Wiggle" is a collection of 7 stories which are written by the daughter of the author of the original Mrs Piggle Wiggle books. She comes up with an idea of how to deal with a TV junkie, one who insults constantly, one who is afraid to try and one who is a very picky eater. Besides the difficult child who won't brush his teeth, there is yet another who is messy and believes in stuffing and cramming all their stuff.

The last chapter is the story of Mrs Piggle Wiggle's birthday party. She has now been around 60 years but she hasn't aged and neither has her advice for parents. All kids, both young and old, would love to read this book as much I did. Its awesome! Move over Nanny Jo, Mrs Piggle Wiggle is here to stay!