Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Beatrice Beecham's Fearsome Feast

Title: Beatrice Beecham's Fearsome Feast
Author: Dave Jeffery
Publisher: Lulu.com, 2007
ISBN: 978-1-84728-293-4
Reviewed for Readerviewkids.com

Welcome to Dorsal Finn! This is a wonderful town where everyone knows everyone else's name. Beatrice Beechham is a 12 year old girl who moves to Dorsal Finn with her parents and younger brother Tom. They have been invited to live with one of Mrs Beecham's closest friends Maud. Beatrice and Tom refer to her as Aunt Maud. Beatrice gets to meet some of the most interesting residents including the Newshounds. She makes a very good friend in Patience, which is a very good name in this town since Beatrice will need alot of it living here. Lucas was able to figure out any clues as they came along.

They have moved to Dorsal Finn just in time for the annual fearsome feast contest. The contest involves cooking the most disgusting dish. In the last few years no one has been able to defeat Vladimir Karloff. Beatrice decides to enter the contest. The day of the contest is a part of the Masque, a very dressy occasion. Can Beatrice come up with a dish that will turn everyone's stomach?

Aunt Maud gives her a cookbook. Anyway it looks like a cookbook but it is actually a bunch of clues so there is a mystery to solve too. Sometimes secrets are fun to figure out and sometimes secrets are better kept hidden.

I really liked "Beatrice Beecham's Fearsome Feast." It let me visit England, learn some of their Old English language, and their customs. I had a hard time laying this book down until I was finished with it. I was sad to see the book come to a close but I was happy with its ending. I hope Dave Jeffery writes more books like this.