Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Football Genius

Title: Football Genius
Author: Tim Green
Published by Harper Collins, 2007.

Are you a football fan? If so, you would love to read this book. Troy White has a gift. He can predict the plays that the Atlanta Falcons opposition will run before they happen. He wants to help out his favorite team. But who would listen to a kid?

Troy's main nemesis at school is Jamie Renfro. He is the quarterback on the school's team even though Troy would like to be given a chance. However, the team is coached by Mr Renfro and he thinks his son is the star. Jamie doesn't like the Atlanta Falcons so he's happy that the Falcons are on a losing streak.

With the help of his friends, Nathan and Tate, they find someone who will listen to him. Troy is aided by his single mother, who has a publicity job with the Falcons. A special friendship develops with Seth Holloway, a Falcons lineman.

I really like this book for football fans. There are alot of names of current professional players and teams. If I was the author and could choose how to write the ending. I would have written it just like it is.