Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How to Write Your Life Story

Have you ever read a book about somebody's life? Maybe it was about a sports star, movie star or famous American. Now you might think your life is too boring, that no one will want to read about it. You might think your story is not worth telling but years from now, someone will want to read about what life was like in 2007. You don't have to be famous. Your life is interesting just because it is yours.

Ralph Fletcher has created this book for kids ages 8-12 to encourage them to write their own life stories. This is a manual for aspiring authors who want to share their life experiences with others. Mr Fletcher has included many stories from his own life. He also includes interviews with people who have written their autobiographies. He stresses that taking notes is very important and will make the job easier when you compose your story. Everything from proper order to dialogues is included in this handy book. He encourages kids to think about writing their life stories.

Kids can be aspiring authors! Where better can you get subject matter for your first book than from your own life. I really enjoyed this book and I know other kids who want to someday be authors will too. With this book's help, maybe someday I too will be a published author!